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Welcome / Bari Galust / Bienvenidos / Добро пожаловать

Latest from the Blog

3rd Term is over!:D + random story

I am proud to say that I made it, being lazy did not help but here I am. After this last months at school, I can just find a word to define the term: Overwhelming. Well, overwhelming not in a bad way but mostly for the many feelings that I had during this time. From…

UWCD Quarantine (3rd Term)

After a long wait of 6 months, I finally arrived back to Armenia. A jumble of feelings and emotions as things have changed from the last time I was in this amazing place. The nostalgia of coming back to campus, rooms, toons (uwcd fraternities kinda) and not being with our second years anymore meant an…

First Term

Honestly, a blog is not enough to tell everything about my First Term, however, I can assure that it was definitely one of the best stages of my life but also a challenging experience not only adapting to a new academic system but integrating into a diverse community it was a new thing for me.…